Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Poem for a friend

For a special you!!!

One fine day...I attracted to your name..I added you and left a message...
One fine day..You added me..you said hi and I smiled.
from the one fine day...we got to know each other...
I gave you all trust...I felt so comfortable..we talked talked and talked..

I wanted to see you as friend
slowly you came closer as more than a friend
I showed you the true colour of me
I trust the colour of you...with some doubts
Slowly the doubts disappear..slowly secret opened
at the time...I really love to be with you as a person..
No matter who you are
No matter what you did

I am adventure me..
Understanding you is a gift
open communication is a great key to understand each other
respectfulness in each other is a base in any relationship
sharing our similarities, respect our differences is our happy tools
open mind to accept..past is past
open mind to accept..no body is perfect
as long as you are happy..I obey your way
I do adore you as someone..got special quality
I proud to be with you..even as your friend..
we shared joy and sorrow...
A special place is still there in my heart
deep inside here...knowing you is so sweet!